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What you need to know about the health of a poodle.

Florida Poodle RescueWhile known for being one the world's healthiest dogs there are a few of health issues that are noticeable in poodles. Each are easily identified and treated.

  1. Cataracts
  2. Ear Infection
  3. Subluxing Patella (mainly smaller poodles)
  4. Bloat (mainly larger poodles)
  5. Grooming is a necessity not option. Poodles have hair not fur that means it does not stop growing and needs to be properly cared for with regular maintenance. Grooming can range from $45 to $100 every six to eight weeks.
  6. Dental disease mostly in smaller poodles. Proper care and oral hygiene is important to a poodle's healthy mouth

Explore these sites about items that are poisonous to dogs.

If you have more questions, please contact us or your local vet.