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Florida Poodle Rescue

The donations made in memory of ...

Below are the supporters of Florida Poodle Rescue who made a donation in memory of a loved one.

Alice Starkey

In honor of the beloved Alice Starkey who had a love for poodles.

Alison Preiss


  • Martini Creations Inc.


Barney was a beloved companion to his mom, Beth, for 17 long and wonderful years.  It is with great sadness that this loving, patient and sweet soul has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Barney will remain forever in the hearts of those who knew him and loved him, especially his mommy. God speed Barney and thank you for all the love and joy you brought to all who knew you.

Beau Gregory

Tricia Robles

Beau Gregory


Sweet Beaujo was our fourth mini. He was much loved and is sorely missed.

Catherine Faulkner


Belle Gaffney, Tampa FL

  • Regina Hofer

Belle O'Donoghue

In Memory of our sweet and beautiful Belle

Leigh O'Donoghue

Belle O'Donoghue

Bo Bo & Brandi

  • Flo Edwards

Bob White

  • Life Line Screening


Ahern, Jim & Janet's beloved girl

  • Catherine Honig

Carolyn Chandler

In memory of our co-worker & thanks for finding her Java (Poodle) & Bailey (Bichon) good homes.

  • City of Seminole Employees

Caudill, Vivian

  • Christina Gilcher

Caudill, Vivian And Scooter

  • Suzanne Seymour


  • Joan Halfaker

Dalenberg, David, Sharon, Molly and Katie

  • Liesl Eathington

Duchess (Dutch Girl)

Hines, Bob and Dot's beloved little girl

  • Eileen Hosking

Eddy, Timothy Tim

  • Fitch, Floyd
  • Hoffman, Mary Ann
  • Wanner, Susan Grey
  • This donation is from Tim's former Co Workers. Tim worked for many years with the Office of Criminal Justice Grants at FDLE. We know about your organization from Tim. He loved to work with Poodles. 2 weeks before he passed away he brought one of his dogs to meet us. Tim will be missed.

Flandreau, Alan

Who passed away November 17, 2009 of a brain tumor.

  • Brimer, David
  • Campagna, Mike & Karen
  • Dodge, Dick & Gail
  • Goericke, Peter & Emily
  • Flandreau, Don & Karen
  • Flandreau, Louise
  • Hansell, Tom & Joyce
  • Haymaker, Wayne
  • Lasseigne, Stella & Errol
  • Phelps, Ann & Steve
  • Podurgiel, Alex & Cathleen
  • Sharon Elementary School, Statesville, NC
  • Usrey Jr., Thomas & Toma
  • Wimmer, Kenneth

Gottlieb, Greta

  • Jane Ruggeri


  • Patricia Bonati
  • Erik and Kerry Dering


  • Kathleen Monahan

John E. Hunter

In memory of our dear friend John. A true gentleman and a wonderful family man and poodle dad. You will be sorely missed.

Dan & Rhonda Diggins, Kathy & Vic Caserta, Constanza & Milou Bryant, Molly Schechter, Penny Hill

John E. Hunter

John Scott

Carol Assmann

Jolly Alfiere

  • Susan and Louis Azzara


In memory of a very special girl!

Jill Penny

Kilzer, Jeanne

  • Cynthia Nicol

Larsen, Henley

  • Sylvia Hatcher

Lebold, Carol

  • Wheeler, Mary & John


  • Jean & Glen Ploeckelman


  • Constance Dowling, Susan Hoffman and Linda Bogner-Norton

Mandy Lee

  • Dudley, John & Diane

Margaret Grace VanWie

George Wood

Miss Buttons

  • Donna Wells


  • Lisa Raines

Muffin, Rhett, Peaches & Jeanne B. Higgins

  • Michael Higgins


Rusty Smart and C.F. Hawkins beloved boy

  • Martha and David Dolge

My Mother

  • Sarah Carrillo


  • Barbara Hufnus


In memory of lovely Olivia

Nancy and Clyde


Peaches and Rhett

  • Gordon Nicol


  • Zachary Hubbard

Preecy (March 2014)

Beloved dog of Susan and Alonzo Schultz.

Pat and Barbara


In Memory of our beloved Princess

Vincent, Melissa & Callie Hruska.



  • Mr. & Mrs. White

Rolf Seikman

In memory of Rolf, an FPR friend and adopter of Oreo. You will be missed....

Jane Saull

Rylee, Bob

Volunteer with FPR. Transporter, enabler, poodle foster parent, and Santa Claus.

Rylee, Bob


  • Richard Ogden


We got our standard poodle from Florida Poodle Rescue in in 2004, at 2 years and 9 months old. His original name was Max but we changed it to Sammy. He came to us with heart worm but was cured after several months of treatment. Sammy loved to swim, go for walks, play with tennis balls and Frisbee. But most of all he loved to be with his family and friends. He was loyal, dedicated, playful and energetic.

We had to say goodbye to our beloved Sammy on May 26, 2017. We are grateful to Florida Poodle Rescue for rescuing Sammy from a shelter in Englewood and allowing us to take him home with us. He traveled to Miami, Sanibel, California, Alabama, North Carolina and 5 cross-country car trips.

He lived to be 16 years and 25 days old. We are heartbroken to be without him but grateful for the 13 years and 3 months we had with him.



Priscilla wanted to remember her precious little Sarah who she adopted in 2008. She was the best little dog and was always by her "left" side.

Priscilla Shore

Segal, Marianne and Sheba

  • Jennifer McPherson


  • Rockie Alexander

Sissy and Handsome

  • Walter Gremlitz


  • Jeanne Ledwell


  • Pam, Jessica & Willa


Ellen Podgor & Cheryl Segal's beloved little girl

  • Candace Zierdt


A rescue, a survivor, a loving member of the family, and a beautiful soul

  • Susan Kilgard
  • Dr. Jessica Rabin


  • Michael & Frances Morettini

Viola Marie Wilkes

In memory and in honor of Viola Marie Wilkes, the Mother of my friend Rhonda Diggins, a true supporter of Florida Poodle Rescue.

Lori Dvorak

Winston a Precious Chihuahua

Sweet 10-year-old Madelyn lost her pecious little chihuaua named Winston on April 12, 2016. She wanted her little dog to be remembered and generously donated to FPR  the money her aunt and uncle John and Kandy Pugh gave her in his memory.

Yvonna Nail Richardson

Erica Bettenhausen


  • Amy Bradt

Zierdt, Elizabeth Lee

  • In Memory and in Honor of Elizabeth Lee Zierdt, the mother of our beloved Professor Zierdt, from Stetson College of Law Section One, Class of 2014.
  • Donations in memory of Elizabeth Lee Zierdt also received from Carol Henderson, Peter and Susan Fitzgerald, and Ellen Podgor.

Zsa Zsa

  • Donna Gaffney