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Facebook used to coordinate rescue of Tiny The Dog

As published on MySuncoast.com on 3/6/2012.

Facebook used to coordinate rescue of Tiny The Dog SARASOTA, FL. - Good things DO come in small packages. Tiny The Dog, a sweet little mutt, is healing nicely here in Sarasota thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group who used Facebook to coordinate his rescue.

Tiny is 8 months old, and was found as a stray in Miami, Florida. Florida Poodle Rescue pulled him the day before his scheduled demise from Miami Dade Animal Services.

His leg was severely broken, and Tiny was placed at a Kennel, while transport to Sarasota was arranged. By mistake, this Tiny was placed on a Rescue Transport heading for northern Ohio (there were two "Tiny"s at the shelter). The mistake was discovered, and Tiny, now Tiny Nelson, was pulled off in Bluffton, SC, were he spent a few nights with one of the transport volunteers.

Tiny was returned to Sarasota Saturday via the help of many volunteers, transport drivers, donors, and using FACEBOOK as a mass communication tool, transportation by many drivers ,each driving a few hours to bring Tiny back to Florida Poodle Rescue & Sarasota.

Tiny had surgery today to repair his broken leg. Since it was wrapped on Feb 19th, and had begun to heal improperly. His leg required extensive surgery to shave & re-align the bone, pin the bone, and he will have to be in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks.

Unfortunately, the Other Tiny is still stuck in a kennel in Miami area. The Florida Poodle Rescue is also working hard to rescue the Other Tiny. You can find out more at WWW.FLORIDAPOODLERESCUE.ORG.